Published Works (music in print) may be obtained from:

The Musical Source (MS)
8555 16th Street
Suite 801
Silver Spring, MD 20910

800-2SOURCE (800-276-8723) 
202-387-7415 (fax)

Download the order form.

Shawnee Press (MFM – Mark Foster Music)
421 E. Iris, Suite 202
Nashville, TN 37204

(615) 292-9571 (phone)
(615) 292-9575 (fax)


Unpublished works are compositions which are not yet in print and available through normal music sales outlets.

If you are interested in reviewing or performing an unpublished work, please contact me directly:

 snail mail: Barnwell’s Notes, Inc. 
 P.O. Box 32164 Washington, DC 20007
 fax: 301-560-6600