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U.S. Releases: CDs / cassetts

Amazing Grace - American Hymns & Spirituals / Robert Shaw

Traditiona l(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1993


An American Heritage Of Spirituals

Mormon Tabernacle Choir / Audio CD / Released 1997


The American Vocalist - Spirituals, 1850-1870 / Cohen

William Billings (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1992


Black Christmas - Spirituals in African-American Tradition

Traditional (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1998


Deep River - H.T. Burleigh: Songs, Spirituals / Moses, et al /Mos es etc

Henry Thacker Burleigh(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1999


Derek Lee Ragin - Negro Spirituals / Moses Hogan Chorale

Derek Lee Ragin / Audio CD / Released 1999


Dorothy Maynor - Spirituals, Arias, Songs

Traditional (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1995


The Essential Leontyne Price - Spirituals, Hymns, etc

Henry Thacker Burleigh (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1997


Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit - Spirituals / Derek Lee Ragin

Traditional (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1993


Give me Jesus - Spirituals / Barbara Hendricks, et al

Traditional (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1999


Great American Spirituals / Battle, Hendricks, Quivar

Traditional (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1992


Jester Hairston - Spirituals / Belmont Chorale, Kelly

Belmont Chorale / Audio CD / Released 1995


Marian Anderson - Spirituals - He's got the whole world...

Marian Anderson / Audio CD / Released 1994


Negro Spirituals / Davis, Hynninen, Ranta

Traditional (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1992


Roland Hayes - Favorite Spirituals

Roland Hayes (Composer), Reginald Boardman (Performer) / Audio CD / Released 1995


Spirituals / Conrad, Hopkins, Convent Avenue Concert Choir

Traditional (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1995


Spirituals / Jessye Norman, Ambrosian Singers

Traditional (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1987


Spirituals / Marian Anderson

Traditional (Composer), Marian Anderson (Performer) / Audio CD / Released 1995


Spirituals / Martina Arroyo, Henri Venanzi

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Spirituals in Concert / Kathleen Battle, Jessye Norman

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Trav'ling Home - American Spirituals 1770-1870 / Joel Cohen

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Wilhelmina Fernandez Sings Favorite Spirituals / Darden

Traditional (Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1997


Famous Spirituals

Simon Estes / Audio CD / Released 1998





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